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Our 5th burn is out!
CANADIAN ASSAULT “The 9 cannons of our battle”
Fryktos Burnings proudly presents the 5th burn!
The ultimate old school kult Canadian fanzine with all their 9 issues in another huge tome. The fanzine that was active during 1998 – 2005 and published 9 issues in total.

Our 4th burn:
PSICOTERROR “1991-2016”
Τhe longest active Peruvian zine and for the first time ever the early Spanish issues have been translated into English but keep their original layout. All 10 issues from 1991 to 2016! Nearly 200 interviews and many articles and band presentations covering mainly Black Metal, Death Metal, Martial Industrial and Dark ambient.


still available:
BUTTFUCK “The UNDERGROUND archives – 1988-1993”
GLORIOUS TIMES “A Pictorial Of The Death Metal Scene – 1984-1991”


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