Bacteria 02 by ViralGraphics


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Bacteria 02 by ViralGraphics. This collection of mind blowing illustrations is accompanied by short but nevertheless very precise and interesting commentaries.

96 pages of black and white hand drawn illustrations by Aaron Horkey, Arik Roper, Casey McKinley, Craig Tapecat McCudden, David Welker, Elvisdead, Jason Lambidis, Mark McCormick, Mike Sutfin, Nate Van Dyke, Neal Williams, Sophia Argyros, Stephen Wilson and Viral Graphics.

Bacteria 02 by ViralGraphics

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Some words about Viral Graphics taken frkm a Greek site (translated!)
What is ViralGraphics? Where, when, and how was it created? Is graphic design something you’ve studied?
Viral is a group of two people working with analog illustration. It was created in January 2006, outside a concert in Athens, in order to start working for bands we liked. Other people make bands out of concerts, we decided to make the covers for them. We have studied things close to visual communication, but in graphic design / illustration we are self-tough. For years we also worked in advertising companies or in the design professions, and it came naturally to this whole.

Recommended Book: Hellbastard Art “The First Wave”

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