Bestial Desecration 4


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Bestial Desecration 4 (+ additional zine)

Finally the fourth issue of Bestial Desecration Zine is ready and contains eleven interviews with new and old veterans of the international true underground legions:

-Hellavenger (Chile)
-Avzhia (Mexico)
-Children of Technology (Italy)
-Nocturnal Witch (Germany)
-Evil Army (US)
-Abigail (Japan)
-Lucifera (Colombia)
-Perditism (China)
-Apokalyptic Raids (Brazil)
-Eternal (Mexico)
-Comatose (Philippines)

Also this time it contains a very few (but therefore more detailed) selected reviews, some special zine-promo articles and two posters of “Hell Desecrator” & “Indian Nightmare”!!!

As a special bonus, this issue contains an additional guide-zine written by Dr. Stahl with 10 representives of the bulgarian Hard Rock/Metal-Scene from the past! The zine is limited to 300 copies in total!!!

Support the Underground and never stop the real madness!!! ONLY PRINTED IS REAL!!!!!!!!

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Extra 2nd zine included