Black Metal : Evolution of the Cult


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Black Metal : Evolution of the Cult. Black Metal features over 100 exclusive new and archival interviews with the genre’s most central figures.

It is the most comprehensive guide yet to this fascinating and controversial form of extreme metal.

The book is encyclopaedic in length and breadth. From the early 1980s pioneers to its fiery rebirth in Scandinavia through to today’s increasingly diverse offshoots, this epic tome captures the black metal movement’s development in unparalleled detail and images.

From the publisher of Lords of Chaos (2003), the most popular book on the genre.

Reviews and testimonials:

“This is a very insightful work: Without doubt the ultimate book on the subject, a testimony of black metal and a good introduction for neophytes.”
Vorph (SAMAEL)

“Patterson, with his concise writing style coupled with the extended thoughts and musings from damn near everyone involved, has written as close to a definitive work on the overall history as will probably every be written…for the newcomer this is an invigorating, essential read; for seasoned veterans there’s more than enough in the way of new interviews, fresh perspectives and archival relics for ‘Evolution…’ to be equally riveting.”
Guy Strachan (TERRORIZER Magazine)

“Dayal is an excellent writer – with an almost nerdlike (and I mean that in the most positive way) enthusiasm and eye for detail. I found reading what he put together, from our talk about my band’s early days, genuinely moving. If the other chapters are done with the same care (and I assume they are) this will be the definitive encyclopedia on Black Metal.”
Kristoffer Rygg (ULVER)

Black Metal : Evolution of the Cult

“It’s informative and very well written with just enough humour to make a few hundred pages of darkness and evil properly entertaining. I was especially curious about the Norwegian chapters of course – and there were lots of stuff I’d never read before, with great first hand accounts from people that were actually around (without becoming fanboy interviews like ‘in-depth’ black metal interviews often tend to be).”

“Finally, black metal has the book that does justice to the genre. Marrying a fan’s enthusiasm with a more detached, academic approach is a difficult balance to achieve but Dayal does so with aplomb. Free from the sensationalist hyperbole that can blight texts on the genre, ‘Evolution of the Cult’ contains a dizzying array of detail, anecdotes, photographs and contextualization of the landmark artists within the genre – all delivered with Dayal’s fluid prose and dry wit. A huge undertaking that oozes passion, this lengthy tome currently stands tall as THE definitive book on the black metal genre. Excellent work.”

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