B/W Shiro Kuro – Sugi Drawings 2004-2006


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BW Shiro Kuro – Sugi Drawings 2004-2006.  “In art book that became the BLOODSUCKER first ever release “”B / W SHIROKURO””, art book second edition of SUGI that had most of those who see in the kind exceptional field force and view of the world is shoot for the first time in three and a half years!
Previous work very early in 1989 – but the best selection collection of carefully selected illustrations this time until 2003 will cover almost all the work was painted in 2004 – 2006!

Initial and link specific work group for connecting the current cedar increasing number of color work in foundation the stippling was overflowing with that! Black and white full of charm of the style of painting that can not be represented only in this time as the keynote, new artist of “”SUGI”” such attempts, growth, this time also the unique conflict glimpse!
Against previous work was the illustrations center, now work recollection and of SUGI own coils round the illustrations, people of comments that were involved in the illustrations, and me, such as column, has become a smash enjoy content as reading material, unpublished work It has been also recorded a large number!
Cover will be a new work that was raised to draw what has been recorded in this book of paintings in Naru new expression!

BW Shiro Kuro – Sugi Drawings 2004-2006

– About the Author
Yamaguchi Prefecture, born in Iwakuni. Since its debut in 1989 in Hiroshima in the home university in the cassette jacket of BLOODSUCKER Records first step, many published around the jacket of the hard core band at home and abroad. With a lot of fans around the world as a hard core illustrator. The early 2012 art book -B / W SHIRO KURO Sugi’s drawings 1989-2003- announced. Now also shows the strong sales, has been successful in the acquisition of new fans. In recent years, it is an illustrator that announced the devil man T-shirt of dynamic professional official, representative of the Japan that appeal to the fan base other than music.

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