Darkadya 3 – The Book of art from below


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Darkadya 3 – The Book of art from below
30 excellent MORE artists!

Hand numbered limited never to reprint edition! 

Already sold out!! 

Viva Darkadya! Hail BlasphemiArt!

The Artists:
Eliran Kantor, Kris Verwimp, David Herrerias, Adam Burke, Valnoir / Metastazis , Vincent AC / Above Chaos
Paolo Girardi, Gary Ronaldson (Bite Radius), Chris Kiesling (Misanthropic), Costin Chioreanu, Daniele Serra, Raphael Gabrio, Gustavo Sazes, Billie Webster, Artem Grigoryev, Jan Ksinsky / Graphicores, Nikos Marco, Phil Robinson, Marco Hasmann, Burning Moon, Fortifem, Dylan Garrett Smith, Diego De Souza, David Simmons / Hanged Man’s Seed , Raina Vlaskovska, Ceethava Art, Michael Rechlin, Dhomth, Cannibal Wednesday, Filipo Mognar”


What is Darkadya?

Darkadya is a complex service dedicated to art and music, to provide a total development of the artists, and means to expose their talent. Works on the complete website and tools for artistic development are under construction, planned to be launched in the winter of 2016. Until then, it will remain a book of art. The exceptional art. More to be soon announced…

What is “Darkadya – Book of Art from Below?”

Darkadya books are series of artistic manifest containing 50 artists from all over the world in the first tome, and 30 artists in each one after that, all aimed in the same direction – the darkest and most misunderstood visualization of mind creations.

What does “Darkadya” mean?

Darkadya is a joint of three words, dark , arcada, and ya, where arcada (from Latin) is a succession of arches, usually in gothic era, associated highly with the “poetic interpretation or art in architecture”, (also, in ancient world , before architecture took over, arcade was a field full of parks, waters and the surrounding environment – a place to create) , and ya, is the phonetic way of Polish “ja” , which means – me. It is simply interpretation of those words put together, as “the art from the fields of my darkness


Recommended Book: Darkadya 2 “The Book of art from below”

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