Deathrow: The Chronicles of Psychobilly


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Deathrow: The Chronicles of Psychobilly. Offering a tantalising glimpse at the underbelly of rock ‘n’ roll, this collection revisits a dangerous, exciting time when rockabilly mutated with punk to form . . . psychobilly!

Deathrow” was the world’s only long running psychobilly fanzine, and this collectionfeatures all the rare and collectable original issues.

The zine grew into a properly printed magazine with a circulation in excess of 5,000 copies per issue.

Deathrow: The Chronicles of Psychobilly

Packed with articles on bands such as The Meteors, The Frantic Flintstones, The Sharks, Frenzy, Batmobile, Demented Are Go, this is avaluable reference of events, bands, and stories for those too young to have experienced the European psychobilly scene in its heyday and a nostalgic reminder for those who were a part of itand survived! If you were or still are a psychobilly, this book is essential reading.”

Alan Wilson:
I got into Rock n Roll music when I was about 10 or 11. My parents had old records in the house and I remember doing a school project at the age of 11 about Buddy Holly. This would have been 1973. I was a record collector and my hobby was collecting records from the 50’s/early 60’s and so my whole life revolved around this type of music. School holidays would be spent searching junk shops and auctions for old records. In the mid 70’s all the rare US rockabilly started to become available and I became a fanatical collector of Rockabilly records. Then it seemed like I wasn’t the only one any more. lots of people started to get into it and that whole revival scene started in the UK. It was great. At the same time I was learning to play guitar, playing along to these old records was just natural to me.

Recommended Book: Hells Bent On Rockin’: A History of Psychobilly

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