DIO: Light Beyond The Black


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DIO: Light Beyond The Black. The latest in a series of books written by darn-near infamous scribe Martin Popoff finds him exploring the musical history of the wee wizard himself, Ronnie James Dio.

Or, to be precise, the stuff released under the Dio moniker. This easy-to-read book is formatted so each chapter is one of the band’s albums, and there’s none (well, maybe a couple paragraphs) of the childhood info bio stuff which oftentimes is just a drag.

So yeah, it starts off in the heat of things, the band getting ready to release Holy Diver, each chapter that follows helping to explain a few things in the Dio career I’ve never quite been able to wrap my head around. Questions revolving lineup changes, whether the splits were amicable or not, Jimmy Bain in general, and all those weird, slow, downer albums are now answered in this wildly enjoyable read.

Couple formatting notes though: if yer eyes get offended at typos like mine do, this one might make the blood pressure boil a bit. And those huge chunks of verbatim quotes get kinda tedious to read near book’s end, especially when the guys are saying the same thing in different words – had to take a point off for this stuff.

But no doubt the casual Dio warrior won’t care about these things as this book is gettin’ loved long into the night, dog-eared and beer-stained, copies of Lock Up The Wolves getting spun for the first time in eight years, therefore the whole purpose of the book being successfully accomplished. 

DIO: Light Beyond The Black

Rainbow In The Dark, Holy Diver, Don’t Talk To Strangers, Gypsy, Stand Up And Shout, We Rock, I Speed At Night, Sacred Heart, Dream Evil, Lock Up The Wolves, Jesus, Mary & The Holy Ghost, Dying In America, Fever Dreams, Killing The Dragon, One More For The Road… …these are some of heavy metal’s loudest and proudest anthems, and we have the stories on how they came to life!

Elf, Rainbow and Black Sabbath gave him wings, but it was in 1983, through his namesake band Dio, that consummate vocal legend Ronnie James Dio was to bring his fiery personal vision to life.

Holy Diver was the pot full of gold and platinum at the end of the rainbow, and The Last In Line solidified Dio as one of metal’s most formidable and controversial franchises. As the years ensued, Ronnie and his ever-shifting crew would deliver album after album of top-notch power metal, the man at the mic delivering above the din, poetic, obscure sermons of a singular sort of fire and brimstone.

As a vocalist and frontman, Ronnie is the undisputed champion of heavy metal, and Dio: Light Beyond The Black is the first ever book on this highly influential and revered rock legend.

Come see what makes this uncompromising enigma tick, as Martin talks at length to the man himself, as well as many of his co-conspirators such as Vivian Campbell, Jimmy Bain, Vinny Appice, Tracy G, Rowan Robertson, Jeff Pilson, Jens Johansson and Doug Aldrich.

Evil or divine? Heaven or Hell? A light in the black?… you be the judge!

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