MY DYING BRIDE “Evinta” Earbook


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MY DYING BRIDE Evinta Earbook. Strictly limited edition (3000 copies) 3CD plus deluxe 64 page hard back book with spot varnished cover.

Recorded at Wayland’s Forge Studios, England 2010-2011

CD 1
1-1 In Your Dark Pavilion 10:03
1-2 You Are Not The One Who Loves Me 06:47
1-3 Of Lilies Bent With Tears 07:10
1-4 The Distance, Busy With Shadows 10:46
1-5 Of Sorry Eyes In March 10:34

CD 2
2-1 Vanité Triomphante 12:21
2-2 That Dress And Summer Skin 09:38
2-3 And Then You Go 09:21
2-4 A Hand Of Awful Rewards 10:21

CD 3
3-1 The Music Of Flesh 07:04
3-2 Seven Times She Wept 04:06
3-3 The Burning Coast Of Regnum Italicum 11:50
3-4 She Heard My Body Dying 08:31
3-5 And All Their Joy Was Drowned 10:14

MY DYING BRIDE Evinta Earbook

Evinta is an album by doom metal band My Dying Bride released in 2011. It is a development of many of My Dying Bride’s older musical themes and riffs, which were re-written for a variety of classical instruments, rather than the traditional metal music instruments; these riffs were combined with new vocals and music, thus creating a release characteristic of both a studio album and a compilation.

“Evinta. A project almost 15 years in the making. An idea that has sat smoldering and never really had a reason to burn alive until now. 9 albums worth of darkness recreated anew to mark 20 years of MDB. Music arranged to the soundscapes of sorrows past. Finally the 20th anniversary allows us to release this music in a form it has been desperately, woefully waiting for. Enjoy the Darkness.”

Evinta was released in three separate formats – jewel case, limited edition and deluxe edition. The jewel case and limited editions both contained disks one and two, with the limited edition coming in digipak format with a 24-page booklet and being shipped to independent retailers only, compared with the jewel case being for general retail. The deluxe edition came with a 64-page, 12-inch hardback book and the third disk. Music from the third disk, however, is intended to be released separately in due course.

The book and booklet both contained pictures from My Dying Bride’s history, with a brief paragraph for every major release, as well as lyrics. However, the booklet missed out certain lyrics, and the deluxe edition removed the paragraph for the album The Light at the End of the World.

MY DYING BRIDE Evinta Earbook

My Dying Bride short Bio

My Dying Bride are an English doom metal band formed in Bradford in 1990. To date, My Dying Bride have released twelve full-length studio albums, three EPs, one demo, one box set, four compilation albums, one live album, and one live CD/DVD release.

Along with Anathema and Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride was a forerunner of the death doom metal and gothic metal genres during the early 1990s. They are considered part of the “Peaceville Three” as all three bands were signed to Peaceville Records at the time.

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