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Hellbastard Art “The First Wave”


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Hellbastard Art The First Wave – Limited Edition to 100 copies !!
52 Black and white pages
– 17 cm x 17 cm
– 300 grs  layer
– binding hotmelt

Totally undergound cult publication form the depths of Mexico cult artist DIEGO MENA!

It contains all his “first wave” arts.
A wonderfull artbook!

Hellbastard Art The First Wave!

Below a part of an interview Diego Mena of Hellbastard ART gave in a Mexican publication. Its translated as there is not an English version

Which artists have influenced you?
Undoubtedly within the scene the first to be a source of inspiration was Chris Moyen. I will never forget the first time I started to see the almost 300 discs that led Detonation Distro to sell in the concert of Pungent Stench and the covers that most impressed me were his. Over time I got to know other excellent artists who have been added to my list as Daniel Corcuera, Mark Riddick, Sickness 666, Alex Hermann, Putrid Matt.

Your work is completely handmade? How useful are digital tools?
My works are 100% handmade but never lacking in little detail or cleaning is done on the computer. Or even hateful last – minute request customer I imagine everyone bothers us haha!

You made an exhibition of your work in a public place, as was the reaction of people to see your work?
As for the reactions were of all kinds and to my surprise was a lot more people than I imagined, not just fans of the Metal scene. Were also Graffiteros, Fellow of Fine Arts, relatives, teachers, Painters and one other clueless that he learned of the event because he read it in the newspaper.
The exhibition was abandoned in an old house which suits cleaned and to do it and I was better than I expected. As a result I made the decision to do it again but every 5 years with the idea of ​​doing it getting better and bigger.

Check more of this interview here!
Recommended Book: Lord of the Logos: Designing the Metal Underground 

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