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Metal & Hardcore Graphics. The book contains the work of more than 100 artists and labels, more than 2000 images,and ten in-depth interviews with metal designers and artists, illustrated with photos taken by themselves specially for the occasion.

The book also includes material from all the metal & hardcore genres, from the massive ones to the most underground ones: grindcorethrash metaldeathmetalhard– rockdoomblack metalmetalcore.

Metal & Hardcore Graphics

Satanismskulls and distortion? Indeed, but much much more. Currently, some of the best international artists have broken the boundaries of metal and hardcore and reached new heights with their work for bands such as MastodonThe Dillinger escape PlanBaronessConverge and Slayer. This impressive and monumental book, the first graphic anthology of metal and hardcore ever published, compiles more than 2,000 illustrations, photographs and designs applied to the covers of CDslogos, t-shirts and posters.

Much more than just an art book, these pages are a graphical testimony of two music genres, metal and hardcore, of their almost endless derivative styles (grindcore, hard rock, death metal, doom, black metal, metalcore etc.) and a lifestyle that, at the start of the second decade of the 21st century and with 40 years behind it, has known to reinvent itself without betraying its essence.

Extreme Artworks From The Underground

“Metal & Hardcore Graphics” – This premium and voluminous photobook is the first anthology of contemporary Metal- and Hardcore-art and shows a.o. covers, broschures, posters, merchandising, T-Shirts and pictures of bands. Contained are works of more than 100 artists and labels. HC, 504 pages.


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Christian Campos
 is a publishing Editor and journalist from Barcelona, Spain (as compared to Barcelona, Ohio) who has edited and designed a truly magnificent work. The title is self-explanatory, and the sub-title is even more revealing ‘Extreme Artworks From The Underworld’. Published in 2011, this coffee-table book of Metal art and design is getting hard to find and to he best of my knowledge was never distributed in North America either. The book is more than just pictures of album covers. There are several components to this collection of art. There are lots of different designs, posters/flyers, T-shirts, photography and a really large section on logos, which is one of my favourite parts.

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