Mighty in Sorrow: A Tribute to David Tibet & Current 93


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Mighty in Sorrow: A Tribute to David Tibet & Current 93. A literary tribute to a true visionary!

David Tibet has been a poet, artist, and musician for over 30 years and has influenced countless other musicians, artists, and authors. In this anthology, those who have been influenced by Tibet and Current 93 try to repay this debt in literary form.

Authors include Thomas Ligotti, Joseph Pulver Sr., Daniel Mills, Michael Griffin, Robert M. Price and lots more.

David Tibet:

David Bunting was born in Batu Gajah, Perak, Malaysia. Early in his career, he collaborated with Psychic TV and 23 Skidoo. Tibet left Psychic TV in 1983 and founded Current 93 the same year. He has worked with Steven Stapleton of Nurse With Wound (of which band he is a member), Michael Cashmore, Douglas P. (of Death in June, on whose albums he has appeared several times), Steve Ignorant of Crass (using the name “Stephen Intelligent”), Boyd Rice, Little Annie, Björk, Nick Cave, Rose McDowall, Tiny Tim, and Ian Read of Fire and Ice.

Tibet’s main musical outlet is the band Current 93, the only constant member of which is Tibet himself. Current 93’s first release was the cassette-only Mi-Mort, a split C60 with Nurse With Wound. The first vinyl release was LAShTAL, with the line-up of Tibet, John Balance of Coil and Psychic TV and Fritz Haaman (Fritz Catlin) of 23 Skidoo. David Tibet, the soul man of Current 93, often participated in making and producing several records by a number of industrial bands individually or in the name of Current 93. Those industrial bands include the Nurse With Wound, Coil, and some labels producing industrial noise music, such as Dark Vinyl.

Mighty in Sorrow: A Tribute to David Tibet & Current 93

Among many important figures of the main line of industrial noise music, the network among David Tibet, Steven Stapleton and John Balance is an indispensable one. These people are proficient in various related musical styles from dark ambient to industrial noise music. They sometimes acquired knowledge from each other when working together, thus it is easy to see that in the music of David Tibet/Current 93, there are mainly two important genres of underground industrial music including ambient music and dark industry.

These mixed styles of music represents the development of the industrial noise music. At the same time, as David Tibet used to be a member of Death in June, which is a neo-folk band, the band Current 93 also has some works of neo-folk. It is not tough to see that the music created by David Tibet/Current 93 is a production mingled with industrial music, neo-folk and dark ambient music.

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