Morbid Visions by Mark Riddick


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Morbid Visions by Mark Riddick. The latest tome of illustrated abominations by renown underground death metal artist,Mark Riddick.

MORBID VISIONS boasts over 400 pages of unholy visuals, bound in hard cover format, with detailed introduction by Riddick’s twin brother.

Hundreds of illustrations spanning Riddick’s career between 2012-16 are luxuriously displayed in this compendium; an absolute collector’s item for fans of extreme underground metal music and art appreciators alike.


Morbid Visions by Mark Riddick!

Mark Riddick:

Artist Mark Riddick, reputable illustrator for the underground death metal music scene, launched his freelance career as a teenager in 1991 when he began illustrating logos, demo cassette covers, 7” EP record covers, and filler artwork for cut & paste underground death metal fanzines, bands, and record labels worldwide. In 1998, Riddick earned his undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from Greensboro College in North Carolina. Since finishing college, Riddick has pursued his freelance career by continuing to illustrate for underground and popular metal bands alike.

Riddick’s artwork has been published by hundreds of metal bands as wide-ranging as Arch Enemy, Arsis, Autopsy, Carnifex, Deceased, Dethklok, Dying Fetus, Exodus, Grave, Hirax, Horrendous, Internal Bleeding, Morbid Angel, Mortician, Mystifier, Nunslaughter, Revel in Flesh, Revocation, Rotting Christ, Skullfist, Suffocation, The Black Dahlia Murder, Torture Killer, Varathron, and Warbringer, etc.

Outside of the metal music scene, Riddick has completed work for popular artists such as Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Pusha-T.

In addition, Riddick’s talent has also been solicited by other media outlets such as television: Adult Swim’s, “Metalocalypse,” Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures,” NBC’s “Law & Order,” IFC’s “Stan Against Evil;” fashion brands: The Hundreds, Hiro, Rideau, Weird Clothing; and other clients like Illfonic gamesVolvo auto, and 3Floydsmicrobrewery.

Furthermore, Riddick has participated in numerous gallery exhibits domestically and overseas, has published several books, most notably “Compendium of Death,” a 600-page volume showcasing twenty years of illustration content, “Logos from Hell,” a 600-page book about extreme metal logos with over thirty contributing artists, and more recently, “Morbid Visions,” a tome showcasing over 400 pages of completed artwork between 2012-16. Riddick’s work has been featured in celebrated heavy metal publications like Cvlt Nation, D.O.A., Kvlt, Legacy, Metal Hammer, Metal Maniacs, Metal Sucks, Nefarious Realm, Pit, Revolver, Terrorizer, Zero Tolerance, etc.; as well as popular culture publications like Bandcamp, Complex, Dazed, Highsnobiety, JOIA, Rolling Stone, What Youth, and Wired.

Although unique illustration opportunities continue to present themselves, Riddick stays committed to his distinct and gruesome black and white illustrative approach and fervent dedication to underground death metal music.

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