Mors Mystica: Black Metal Theory Symposium


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Mors Mystica: Black Metal Theory Symposium. Essays and artworks related to Mors Mystica, a black metal theory symposium on the theme of mystical death.

A significant collection on a topic inseparable from the undying essence of black metal. There is almost too much to think about here, too many way to die, as well as a few less than noble deaths.

Favorites: Brad Baumgartner’s “Ablaze in the Bath of Fire“, Teresa Gillespie’s “dying to find I was never there’, and Gary J. Shipley’s “The Tongue-Tied Mystic”.

Mors Mystica: Black Metal Theory Symposium

“Only that person who says: ‘My soul chooses hanging, and my bones death’ can truly embrace this fire . . . for it is absolutely true that ‘no one can see me and live.'” — Bonaventure,

Recommended Book: Helvete: A Journal of Black Metal Theory

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