NIGHTWISH “Endless forms most beautiful” Earbook


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NIGHTWISH Endless forms most beautiful Earbook. Lush, over sized Earbook (28 x 28 cm). Contains the bonus acoustic CD plus another bonus instrumental CD.

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“Excellent music cocktail! That’s NIGHTWISH like you wish – heavy with a taste of the »Once« album, bombastic, but more metal, this is true NIGHTWISH, a soundtrack of themselves!”
SPARK (CZ), David Havlena

“The combination NIGHTWISH & Floor – its magic. For me personally it’s a dream that came true. With this new unbelievable, bombastic, dark, orchestral, the band completely fulfill my high expectations. An album that every NIGHTWISH-fan will cherish!” –
AARDSCHOK (NL), Anita Boel

“Clear and consequent continuation of the previously chosen path. Overwhelmingly, bombastic and inspiring. An album to listen to and experience.”–
ROCK IT (D), Jürgen Will

“At first I was afraid that Floor would affect the band more than vice versa. I’m glad I was wrong. NIGHTWISH brought out the metal from her and turned her into a well working mix of the past, creating a bright future for the band and for the fans. I like that the band got more focus than the orchestra this time. The ending “whooo” in ‘Edema’ wasn’t necessary thou. That kinda killed the otherwise so good song.”
SWEDEN ROCK (S), Janne Mattsson,

NIGHTWISH Endless forms most beautiful Earbook

“»Endless Forms Most Beautiful« characterizes the celebration and victory of this new alliance. The beauty and purity of NIGHTWISH’s music together with Floor’s majesty and power were simply meant to be. Defiantly not the last ride of their day!”
METALLIAN (F), Lucinda Lacroix

“Maybe the heaviest album from Nightwish: guitars are back high in the mix but the evolution shown on “Imaginaerum” hasn’t been forgotten. Bombastic, epic and catchy, this album contains all the elements of Nightwish universe in 11 tracks. Including the most ambitious piece of the band’s history: “The Greatest Show On Earth”.
ROCK HARD (F), Guillaume Fleury

NIGHTWISH Endless forms most beautiful Earbook

“They have topped themselves yet again, even when you thought it couldn’t go any better. A full on cinematic explosion of sounds that you will grow to love.”

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3 CDs