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Seven Metal Inches is both an encyclopedia and tribute to vinyl in general and Picture 7″”s in particular telling their story of the past three decades (Death/ Black/ Grind/ Doom). This book contains 300+ pages filled with images of vinyl, artworks, flyers, etc. and 70 exclusive interviews with bands, labels and artists both well-known and from the underground about their relation and passion to vinyl and their Picture 7“”s release(s).

Interviews have been conducted with the following bands:

Acheron, Ancient Rites, Asphyx, Beastcraft, Benediction, Brutal Truth, Denial of God, Den Saakaldte, Desaster, Desecration, Dimmu Borgir, Disma, Dismember, Drowning the Light, Enthroned, Havohej, Hellstorm, Hooded Menace, IAD, In Aeternum, Incantation, Korgonthurus, Krieg, Lord Belial, Maniac Butcher, Mantak, Manticore, Mayhem, Mortifilia, Napalm Death, Nekrofilth, Nocturnal Graves, Nunslaughter, Obtest, Orcrist, Ostie, Paragon of Beauty, Sabbat, Sadogaot, Sarkom, Sombre Présage, Sorhin, Vinterriket, Vulcano, Watain, Witchtrap, Zemial

Ax/ction Records/ Fudgeworthy Records, Bizarre Leprous Productions, Century Media, Earache Records, Hells Headbangers, Horror Records, Iron Pegasus, Megaforce Records, Merciless Records, Regain Records, Temple of Darkness

Recommended Book: Lord of the Logos: Designing the Metal Underground (Christophe Szpajdel)


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