The Encyclopedia of Dutch Black Metal


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The Encyclopedia of Dutch Black Metal

“I worked on The Encyclopedia of Dutch Black Metal over a period of five years, beginning in 1999, and published it myself early 2004. During those years I contacted a lot of people that were involved and knowledgeable about the Dutch black metal scene. I established contact with many bands from the past and the present, and compiled all the information I could find into the only printed reference guide solely dedicated to Dutch black metal. The Encyclopedia of Dutch Black Metal contains extensive biographical and discographical coverage in English of over 200 bands, alphabetically ordered on more than 100 professionally printed, glossy, black and white, A4-sized pages, containing more than 60 illustrations and 150 band logo’s…

Over the years the number of bands increased incredibly, but a more-or-less complete overlook of the scene can be found on this website. I admit it’s really hard to keep track of everything and keep it all updated.

What are the criteria for bands to appear in the book? The book is called The Encyclopedia of Dutch Black Metal, so the first criteria are right there:
(1) the bands should be from the Netherlands (or at least part of the band), and
(2) they should play black metal (or a style that is a hybrid of black metal, or an offspring of the genre, or tightly related but still different as long as it makes sense)…
Because today the definition of black metal seems to be different for everyone, I have looked at it from the widest possible angle, and most of the time let bands themselves decide whether they are black metal or not. I have taken this objective and academic approach to make the book as versatile and extensive as possible. Whether you agree on the inclusion of some of the bands or not, is totally up to you. I have deliberately ignored my personal feelings about certain bands, and decided to lay them out for you all to evaluate…

The bands in this book are all a step up from being only an idea though, so they have all materialised in one way or another. Some bands have long discographies, while others have only rehearsed or played live once or twice. Theoretic and unborn bands will therefore not be included in the encyclopedia.

For various reasons, Meelhuysen’s encyclopedia is an impressive book. First, because of the large amount of bands he has recovered. Even the most obscure acts didn’t escape his attention and are elaborately described. A good piece of intense work, although an evil piece is a better description. Second, because of the featured acts themselves. The misanthropy is literally oozing from the pages. Especially solo projects like Christfighter and Apator prove to come from sick minds. Because of this, the encyclopedia can be read on two different levels. On one hand it is of course mainly a reference guide in which a subgenre is extensively covered. Bands that were doomed to disappear into obliveon are immortalized in it. Obligatory stuff for those interested in the genre. On the other hand it is a readable book that challenges the imagination with its featured acts, whether they are to be taken serious or not.

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