Witchcraft Zine 6


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Witchcraft Zine 6

Let’s start off with some short infos about last year’s issue number 6 of Witchcraft Magazine. I still have a bunch of copies left for sale so take your chance and get one before they’re all sold out:

Size 21×21 cm, 88 pages

Interviews with HELLBRINGER (AUS), HATESPAWN (GER), IMPERATOR (POL), KILLER METAL RECORDS (GER) and MAGNESIUM (JAPAN); extensive & in-depth 42-page NUCLEAR WAR NOW! label catalog; the TWILIGHT ZONE OF ZINES column: overview on more than 100 active print fanzines and a database including tons of old fanzine titles & additional information. Plus articles, band photos from the 80s and 90s, rare vinyl record reviews etc. etc. Includes a 40 x 80 cm poster of Celtic Frost  Morbid Tales.

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