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2015 Art Calendar by Zbigniew M. Bielak


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2015 Art Calendar by Zbigniew M. Bielak. This exquisitely presented 2015 art calendar contains extensive listing of 2015 metal events alongside international, catholic, jewish, muslim, hindu & buddhist holidays and observances for ultimately up-to date sacrilegious vigilance.

Fifteen pages including twelve illustration sheets printed in gold and black with golden backpages on 300g paper, showcasing selected quality reproductions of Zbigniew M. Bielak music related illustration for various bands e.g. GHOST BC, WATAIN, MAYHEM, PORTAL, ENTOMBED, DESTRÖYER 666, GORGUTS

Lavish hot-stamped, embossed golden foil heavy cardboard frontcover, hot-stamped golden foil heavy cardboard backcover, and golden gilded edges all in most tasteful design courtesy of Joanna Tyborowska.

Limited to 666 copies! Dimensions: 33x36cm / 13″x14.2″

2015 Art Calendar by Zbigniew M. Bielak


Born in 1980 in Cracow, Zbigniew M. Bielak is a Polish artist and architect, best known in the musical realm for his record cover illustrations, which among others include meticulously handcrafted artworks of Watain, Ghost, Vader or Absu albums.

Paralelly to that his artistic output is mostly focused on encyclopaedic, archaeologic and architectural illustration, and has crossed multiple mediums within art including drawing, oil and acrylic painting or serigraphy, with the pursuit of historical coherence and attention to detail being clearly focal points of his varied stylistic leanings

a part of an interview the artist gave, check the full interview here

You have designed album covers for bands such as Paradise Lost, Mayhem and Ghost, when did you find your love for album design?

By the time I fell for metal music in the early nineties, the aesthetics of the genre had already emancipated, and long grown out of the nude biker-warrior cliche. In my opinion, heavy metal – just as it stems from the youthful rebellion – also draws its quintessential charm from pop culture’s escapism. And that’s exactly why I find it so entertaining – I’d risk saying it is indeed a very cinematic art form.

Much like horrors and science fiction movies, metal indulgently dwells on formal hedonism, drawing it’s almost unrestrained freedom of expression from its own limitations. Being devoid of punk’s or reggae’s ambition of saving the world, it greedily embraces the comfort of being just pure form. And thus, paradoxically, it is closer to classical music and jazz. Alas the metal fans – myself included – like to think of themselves more as insightful music connoisseurs, rather than rampant ideologists.

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