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LIBERATION DAYS “Laibach and North Korea”


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LIBERATION DAYS “Laibach and North Korea

The definitive visual and textual monument to what philosopher Slavoj Žižek calls «the most fascinating cultural and ideological political event till now of the 21st century».

In August 2015, infamous avant-rock provocateurs Laibach made global headlines with their concert on the occasion of the equally infamous North Korea celebrating its 70th anniversary of liberation from Japanese colonial rule.

Their choice of repertoire? Why, Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Sound of Music, of course.

LIBERATION DAYS – Laibach and North Korea chronicles and explains a concert that shook the world and how it came to be.

Lavishly designed by Valnoir, a key player in this totalkunst performance, and edited by himself with the director and organiser of the performance Morten Traavik, LIBERATION DAYS is the ultimate collection of behind-the-scenes photographs, artwork, propaganda, analysis and other forms of documentation from this world-historic event, including contributions from, among others, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Committee for Cultural Relations, Slavoj Žižek, John Oliver, Lisa Sang Mi Min, Irena Šentevska and Charles Lewis.

As pleasing to the eye as puzzling to the mind.

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