A black/death metal publication of the 90’s! The 2 issues Magus (Necromantia,Thou Art Lord) published back then reprinted in a deluxe version!  Check the full presentation.


BUTTFUCK02 – BUTTFUCK “The UNDERGROUND archives – 1988-1993”

The fanzine was born in late 80’s was active till early of 90’s and lived during the evolution of hardcore, punk, noise scene to crossover, thrash and later the explosion to death and 2nd wave of black metal.   Check the full presentation.


03 – GLORIOUS TIMES “A Pictorial Of The Death Metal Scene – 1984-1991”

Finally reprinted! The ultimate book for retrospective death metalhistory!After years of being sold out this fine piece of Death metal history, Glorious Times is finally again on stock by Fryktos Burnings!
Check the full presentation.


04 – PSICOTERROR “1991-2016”

The longest active Peruvian zine and for the first time ever the early Spanish issues have been translated into English! All 10 issues from 1991 to 2016!
Nearly 200 interviews and many articles and band presentations covering mainly Black Metal, Death Metal, Martial Industrial and Dark ambient.
Check the full presentation.


05- CANADIAN ASSAULT “The 9 cannons of our battle”

The ultimate old school kult Canadian fanzine with all their 9 issues in another huge tome. The fanzine that was active during 1998 – 2005 and published 9 issues in total. A unique publication with wider content, filled among the interviews with tons demo/album/fanzine reviews, horror movies presentations…
Check the full presentation.


06 – DYABLE AUTOPSY – Melancholy 1992-1995

One of the cultest and very first Hellenic underground extreme publication restored! The full collection of the two Dyable Autopsy issues published back to 1992 and 1993 including the Melancholy newsletter published in 1995. Check the full presentation.


07 – THE VOICE OF THE DARK by Albertus Jimenez

The complete early writings from the occult writer hailing from Mexico. The figure who participated in numerous fanzines with his infamous occult section now publishes his book for the first time with all those writings restored. Check the full presentation.

08 – Underground Never Dies!

With over 500 pages of interviews, photos, excerpts from period fanzines and artwork, “Underground Never Dies!” addresses the complex interweaving of bands, fans, zines, promoters, artists and labels that fostered the underground metal movement.  Check the full presentation.

09 – INFERNAL DEMON “Unholy Black Vomits – 1997-2013”

The complete collection of all 10, +1 issues from the mighty Infernal Demon ‘zine hailing from Thailand. 1997 – 2013. 650+ pages, more than 160 interviews, scene reports, reviews, flyers, ads, photos covering the whole death, black metal scene all over the world! Check the full presentation.

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