2023 – End of the Year

Here is an update regarding our own titles:
Blasphemous “The Book” SOLD OUT
Buttfuck “The Underground Archives – 1988-1993” SOLD OUT
Dyable Autopsy “1992-1995” – Out of stock, reprint date unknown
Infernal Demon “Unholy Black Vomits” – Out of stock, reprint date unknown

2023 – End of March
ATTENTION – Our SHOP will be closed for a while.

2023 – March
New book on stock:  NECROMANTIA The Serpent & The Pentagram

2023 – February
New book on stock:  MAGNUS “Death rEvolution”

2023 – Burnings continue

2022 – Close to Mid December
New zine on stock: Hellpike #17
Zine restock: Scatology 2
Book restock: Mexican Underground Metal 1984-1996

2022 – Early December
New zine on stock: Feed The Beast 4

2022 – End of November
New zine on stock: Massacraement #1

2022 – Late November, BF update
No special sales for BF. We will though activate the discounted bundles we had during the preorder of our latest books.

2022 – Early November
Unleashed! All 4 new books were delivered!
All orders without a t-shirt are already on the road.
The t-shirt needs a few more days to be delivered from the factory , stay tuned for the next update.

2022 – Announcement day! late October
We are really pleased and proud to reach this point, after a long time of hard work. Our 4 new books are officially announced!
You can find below more info on each title but we are also pleased to offer you our 1st limited edition Fryktos shirt that you can get for free.
Another tribute to the older days of this scene.

New books:
SADISTIC NOISE “the Trilogy 1988-1991” (Nor)
MAG OF HATE “1988-1991” (Nor)
WRATH OF THE GODS “1994-96” (Gre)

2022 – October mid
Time for some political talking.
Everything is getting more expensive and this has a great impact on our activities, on production and shipping costs.
Couriers raised their prices to cover oil raises and of course, they will keep that forever. We did our best to keep prices as low as we could and we managed to find some alternative couriers so fortunately, the raises in transportation were small for low weight packs in most EU countries but for many (and for all heavier packs) were dropped.

“The next 2 decades are the most critical”

The good news is that we will announce very shortly our new books!

2022 – September

2022 – Late Summer (and last summer update)
New titles added:
Witchcraft #8
Mexican Underground Metal 1984-1996

Bells of Acheron
Scatology #2

And some restocks:
Tough Riffs #6

Tough Riffs #7
Tough Riffs #8
Tough Riffs #9

2022 – Almost mid Summer
– The store is open again.

2022 – End April
-We will turn off our store for a while! Probably for a couple months but time shall tell.
-Note that we are still working in the background for a couple new titles but  everything will be processed after summer.

2022 – End February
We just created the “Wanted” page!

2022 – February
All Compilation of Death issues are finally on stock and orders are already on the way to new owners.

Place your order:
Compilation of Death – issue IV
Compilation of Death – issue II
Compilation of Death – issue I

or choose with discount the: Bundle pack (4, 2, 1 issues)

2022 – Compilation of Death video presentations:

CoD issue IV

CoD issue II
CoD issue I

2022 early – New titles announcement:
We are in the pleased position to announce our new cooperation!
Compilation of Death finally on a European distribution. The latest massive, more than 470 pages, issue #4 as well as the long out of print #1 and #2 issues under Fryktos moniker.

-We would like to thank you all for your support this and all the past years.
Keep the spirit alive!
-Our new burnings announcement is also close.   

2021 End November update:
New titles:
Shades of Darkness #1
Dungeon Synth Zine #1
Dungeon Synth Zine #2
Dungeon Synth Zine #3
Dungeon Synth Zine #4
Dungeon Synth Zine #5
Dungeon Synth Zine #6

2021 Mid November update:
New titles:
Todessehnsucht (Longing For Death)
Seven Metal Inches (revised edition)

2021 End October update:

New titles:
Metalegion #8
Metalegion #9

2021 Mid October update:
New titles/restocks:

Rotting Ways To Misery – The History Of Finnish Death Metal
Ultra Damaged zine anthology 1985 2017

2021 Early October update:
Time passes, the spirit stays.
We are currently working on new titles and we will be able to make some announcements shortly.

Underground Never Dies! video presentation:

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We make frequent updates, presentations with unique material of our publications and distribution titles.

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