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Mag of Hate “1988-1991”


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Mag of Hate “1988-1991”

For the first time, all 5 issues from one of the oldest underground Norwegian metal publication compiled in a book!

Along with Slayer mag, Morbid, Orcustus, Butcher and Sadistic Noise magazines it supported the local scene to grow and strengthen as it was widely covered many punk, early thrash/death and later black metal bands from all over the world in their first early steps in the purest way.

Foreword by Christer himself filled with massive early scene details, unseen photos and flyers!

A must!

Featuring bands:
Darkthrone, Napalm Death, Impostor, Rasputinene, Gehenna, Brain Dead, Backstreet Girls, Mammoth, Mutilator, Hell Awaits, The Birds Know, Witchhammer, Tynator, Instigators, Blood, Merciless, Artch, Ice Age, Bullet Lavolta, Necro-Sentient Mortis Feed, Mortem, Corporate Deathburger, Treblinka, Prong, Mercenary, Expulsion, Kazjurol, Nihilist, Metal Cross, Invocator, Implicit Fear, M.e.s.t., Flounder, Equinox, Cadaver, Gorilla Biscuits, Israelvis, Raving Mad, Deadhead, VoiVod, Nocturnus, Pathriarch, Balvaz, Valhall, Grave, Samael, Hdq, Afflicted, Convulsion, Resentment, Raeva Rockers, Sliced Pimples, Dr. Mabuse & His Roskilde All Stars, Revulsion, Dr. Shrinker, Dead And Bloated, Carnage, Pungent Stench, Mexican & Greek scene report plus many more.

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