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Grinder issue #2 + 7 vinyl Death Yell / Morbosatan


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Grinder issue #2 + 7 vinyl Death Yell / Morbosatan. Chile’s long-running and always killer GRINDER MAGAZINE’s newborn is out now.

Feel the South American madness in a new issue, with a layout inspired by the Underground’s old look and feel.

Issue # 2 is packed with 74 pages filled with tons of interviews, reviews and info. The list goes on with an extensive 6 page feature with Eric Danielson (WATAIN), as well as a bunch of European and American new acts such as DEGIAL (Swe) KRYPTS (Fin), DEVOURING STAR(Fin), IMAGO MORTIS (Ita) and AKHLYS (US), among others. We are sure that you are aware of them!

But hey, the raw South American spirit can be felt while reading features of MORBID SLAUGHTER(Per), UGANGA (Bra), GRAVE DESECRATOR (Bra), TOTTENKORPS (Chi), SAVIOUR (Chi), GRANGRENA (Chi), MAGNANIMVS(Chi), DEKAPITED (Chi), PRAISE THE FLAME (Chi), ESCARNIUM(Bra) or Chilean returned legends DEATH YELL, band that actually gave us an exclusive new track that is included in a glorious 7”EP Split record with another pestilent manifestation, one coming from Lima Peru: MORBOSATAN, who also gave us an exclusive offering.

This entire edition is perfectly packed and printed in a 3 way front cover that shows an explicit art done by Chilean artist Jaime Guitierrez (Haxan).

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Crypts of Eternity “Issue VI”

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