Helvete: A Journal of Black Metal Theory


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Helvete: A Journal of Black Metal Theory. Not to be confused with metal studies, music criticism, ethnography, or sociology, Black Metal Theory is a speculative and creative endeavor, one which seeks ways of thinking that count as Black Metal events — and indeed, to see how Black Metal might count as thinking.

Theory of Black Metal, and Black Metal of theory. Mutual blackening. Therefore, we eschew any approach that treats theory and Metal discretely, preferring to take the left-hand path by insisting on “some kind of connaturality between the two, a shared capacity for nigredo..”

Helvete Issue 1:
Incipit includes: Zareen Price, “Dilation: Editor’s Preface” — Janet Silk, “Open a Vein: Suicidal Black Metal and Enlightenment” — Timothy Morton, “At the Edge of the Smoking Pool of Death: Wolves in the Throne Room” — Elodie Lesourd, “Baptism or Death: Black Metal in Contemporary Art, Birth of a New Aesthetic Category” — Amelia Ishmael, “The Night is No Longer Dead; it has a life of its own” [featuring artwork by: Alexander Binder, Gast Bouschet and Nadine Hilbert, Ibrahim R. Ineke, Alessandro Keegan, Irena Knezevic, Allen Linder, Gean Moreno, and Nine Yamamoto-Masson] — David Prescott-Steed, “Frostbite on My Feet: Representations of Walking in Black Metal Visual Culture” — Daniel Lukes, “Black Metal Machine: Theorizing Industrial Black Metal” — Joel Cotterell, “This is Armageddon: The Dawn Motif and Black Metal’s Anti-Christian Project”

Helvete: A Journal of Black Metal Theory

Helvete is a new open-access electronic and print journal of black metal theory. Black metal theory is the practice of the mutual blackening of theory and metal, and thus pushes the limits of contemporary academic genres by definition. In recognition of this, the editors welcome not only proposals for articles, but also for non-, para-, and proto-academic works, including commentaries, fragments, and visuals. We wish to encourage engagement in black metal theory by whatever means necessary.

Recommended Book: Mors Mystica: Black Metal Theory Symposium

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