Deadhead 5


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Deadhead 5

Deadhead Fanzine 5 “”The Fifth Secrecy“”
English written printed fanzine, the 13th year anniversary issue. Find 14 exclusive; some are very in-depth and live interviews. This edition is enriched with a Beherit center-spread poster!

Thick 76 A4 sized with b/w pages and full color cover.

Sinners inside this issue:

Exumer (Germany) – A time-travelling interview with this seminal Thrash Metal act!!!
Nauseant (Sweden) – Young talented Death Metal trooper from Stockholm.
Beherit (Finland) – The first live interview of this zine, during Holocausto visit to Malaysia!!
Evil Angel (Finland) – One of the best devilish Metal units from land of thousand lakes!
Repulsion (US) – The infamous Death Metal and Grindcore legends!!
Martyvore (US) – From the isolated New Hampshire dungeon headquarter.
Nate Wilson (US) – Scene veteran talks about the old days!
Rator (Malaysia) – Very detailed interview!!!
D’zai (Malaysia) – Old unexposed Speed/Thrash Metal act from the 80’s. Pre-Desire band!
Shackles (Australia) – Final interview of this magnificent act!!!
Embalmed Souls (Brazil) – Long heavy conversation with this Death Metal bulldozer!
Chainsaw (Chile) – Their lost interview during demo days!!
Embrace of Thorns (Gre) – The barbarian horde from Athens. Done in a very long 2 sessions.
Baphometal Fanzine/Records (Argentina) – Another live interview done during witching hours. ”

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