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Novembers Doom The Wayfaring Chronicles. “The book is completely in full color, and is filled, not only with the lyrics, but photos from every era of the band, promo and live, many never before seen.

I believe I’ve created something original, at least in this genre of metal, and it’s a great insight to the bands lyrical content for the fans, and the curious alike.

Lyrically, I’ve been praised, as well as criticized for my honesty, and now the absolute truth is spelled out, and will surely give the fans a much deeper look into Novembers Doom. I hope you enjoy it!”
Paul Kuhr

Novembers Doom:

After many years of creating some of the most dark and diverse music to come from the U.S. metal scene, Chicago’s NOVEMBERS DOOM continues to forge ahead and push creative boundaries with their tenth studio album entitled “Hamartia”, scheduled for release April 14th via The End Records.

Formed in 1989 by founding member, vocalist/lyricist Paul Kuhr, NOVEMBERS DOOM have evolved from their slow, lamenting death/doom metal roots into a band defying easy categorization, combining many varied musical styles and elements while retaining their heavy doom roots. From 2000’s The Knowing through 2005’s The Pale Haunt Departure and 2014’s Bled White, NOVEMBERS DOOM have never ceased to evolve and expand their own style of Dark Metal that has made them so unique and identifiable, allowing them to make their mark on the music scene.

Novembers Doom The Wayfaring Chronicles

Rounded out by guitarists Larry Roberts and Vito Marchese, along with the intense rhythms of drummer Garry Naples and bassist Mike Feldman, NOVEMBERS DOOM have gained a worldwide following by performing shows and festivals throughout North America, Europe, and South America to much acclaim.

With the release of their highly anticipated upcoming album, Hamartia, they hope to continue spreading their special brand of music to new audiences around the globe. From the brutality of opening track “Devil’s Light” to the melancholia of “Ghost”, the frenetic energy of “Apostasy” to the maudlin but yearning album-closer “Borderline”, NOVEMBERS DOOM takes the listener on a journey of varied emotions and musical styles, while still retaining their trademark sound and heaviness that has brought them well-earned success.

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